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I moved with my family from New York City to college town, Gainesville, Florida, as a child.   I got my first stratocaster while taking lessons from Mike Campbell, of local band, Mudcrutch. 
I've been playing lead guitar in bands ever since .   Currently with git'ERdone, Whole Lotta Rosies, Ashleigh Flynn and the Riveters, Madame Ozzy and Mistress of Reality
*Played overseas in Bosnia, Korea, Norway, The Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Croatia, & Canada.
*Rock city Music Award Best Female Guitarist-2005
*Rock city Music Award Best Female Tribute Band-Whole Lotta Rosies- 2004 & 2005
*Guitar instructor, audio engineer and songwriter
Peace and love,

Whole Lotta Rosies on stage at the Long Beach Bike Festival

Whole Lotta Rosies in Hollywood

Bo Diddley, Athens, GA

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